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Q. How do I get in touch with a doctor if the office is closed?
A. Our office provides 24-hour telephone coverage. If the office is closed and you need to speak to a doctor, our answering service will take a detailed message.The doctor on call will be notified and will return your call as soon as possible.

Q. What if I am running late for my appointment?
A. Please call the Evergreen Park office at 708-422-7715 or the Orland Park office at 708-226-9860 and contact the appointment desk.

Q. What happens during a new patient appointment?
A. • After your appointment was scheduled on the phone, our representative sent a packet of information to your home. We ask that you fill that information out before the appointment to expedite your registration on the day of your office visit.
• You will be asked to sign in at our front desk and hand our receptionist the packet of information along with your picture ID and insurance cards.
• You will also be asked to give a urine sample. A container will be provided for you.
• The medical assistant will check your weight, blood pressure, pulse and temperature. He/She will also review your medications with your. Please bring a complete list of medications that you are taking at home, or bring in the medication bottles.
• During the visit, the physician will review your records that were sent by your primary MD and ask you more question regarding your past and present medical history. After the interview, the MD will perform a physical exam. The MD will then explain your lab results, exam findings and treatment plan.
• There are no blood tests done during the visit so there is no need to fast for the appointment.
• Please take all your medications before coming to the visit. The review of medications is very important to your treatment plan so please bring in a complete and accurate list of medications.

Q. I was asked to come back for a blood pressure follow up appointment. What will happen and how do I prepare for this appointment?
A. • Please take your blood pressure and water pills at home before the appointment. If you need to take your medication with food then please make sure you have enough time to eat and take your medication before coming for the visit.
• Bring in a complete list of medications and or your medication bottles for review.
• If you have a blood pressure machine at home, please check your blood pressure at home for 3-7 days before the visit and bring your recordings and machine to the appointment with you.
• In our practice, the monitoring of the blood pressure, swelling of legs and review of the mediations and lab is done by our advance practice nurse and therefore referrals and co-pays are needed for this appointment if applicable.

Q. Do I need to fast for my appointment?
A. No, please eat and take your medication as prescribed.